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La Ngonpo

Global Development Education for Schools

The La Ngonpo project is the international educational project, which focuses on multicultural and global development education for pupils and students aged 12 – 16 years. It is based on the internet partnership between Czech and Indian or Nepalese schools. The project’s focus is also to educate the general Czech and European public on development issues.

The project has originated in 2010 as a cooperation between Indian and Czech schools. Since 2012 Nepalese schools joined the project. We provide a unique teaching program and know-how for using interactive methods of teaching, critical thinking and cooperative learning.

The main project objectives are to familiarize Czech pupils and students with development issues, encourage contact with their peers in the Indian Ladakh, Nepal and other countries, and stimulate public interest in development issues.

What is Unique about La Ngonpo?

The uniqueness of the project lies in the original methodology that teachers use in different subjects, as well as the capacity for communication between students from the CR, India, Nepal and other partner countries through the internet.

The Classes

  • Use the original methodology applicable in various subjects covering topics of multicultural education, global development education, personal and social education and environmental education
  • Contact a class in a different country
  • Are provided with methodological support and opportunity for consultation


The project has been supported by the European Union and Czech development agency. The project is implemented by the Multicultural Center Prague (MKC Prague).

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