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Students' feedback

What do you imagine when you go through your notes from your personal journal? What are you thinking about?

  • That I know a lot about India
  • Everything we did
  • Almost nothing, I almost do not remember what we did
  • That it was entertaining, educational, interesting
  • Interesting classes with an interesting program, international project
  • That I did not know that much and now I do know
  • That I got to know lots of new things about India
  • I am trying to imagine how their lessons go, whether they are as loud as ours. Whether they communicated the same way as we did
  • That these lessons were quite interesting. Athough in some moments they were not interesting for me, but then I got used to it and I started to like them
  • That these lessons are perfect
  • I remember the lessons, what we did and I also remember the experience
  • I found out a lot and I enjoyed the lessons
  • These were good lessons, but those activities were quite strange
  • How do they live and what are they doing right now
  • That this project is wonderful and that we get to know many different things
  • That I liked these lessons and that it will certainly help us get to know Ladakh better
  • I enjoy the indian lessons and I am happy that I can learn something about India

Did these lessons differ from other lessons you have had regularly? If so, how exactly did they differ?

  • We communicated more, the lessons were looser
  • Yes, that we kept talking
  • They were interesting, different than the school lessons
  • Yes, they were looser and more entertaining
  • Yes, we did different things so it was a little bit more entertaining than a normal Czech lesson
  • Yes, it was more entertaining and we had a chance to learn something about India
  • Yes, interesting. Subject-wise, we know what we are going to do upfront
  • Yes, we were allowed to be on PC
  • Yes, a majority was looser and we used more entertaining ways, than just sitting, listening, testing and taking notes
  • Yes. They were somehow looser and more entertaining. We had fun. The only thing it that it would feel much better if we could choose our teams alone and not according to the month we were born.
  • Yes. During the normal lessons we can not walk.
  • Yes. Most of the time, but not always, we have the lessons in style: 'open your book and read the following...And now you open your notebooks, the heading is...' And they dictate the entry. These Indian lessons were more like a debate, and I think this is good. I liked them, but unfortunately, our class is not able to be quiet during such lessons.
  • They were totally different, we do not take it (lessons) as fun
  • Yes, they were better
  • Yes, we talked about India
  • Yes, they are different. We are finding out about children in India and what do we have in common with them
  • Yes, they were different because they were more entertaining
  • Yes, we often work in groups, we communicate more and we are getting closer with others, we do not do it normally in common lessons
  • Certainly yes. Indian lessons are entertaining and I can learn something not only about India, but also about my classmates. The normal lessons are often only about that we have to learn something - not fun.
  • Teamwork
  • Certainly yes. They were different, that we don't speak correctly for instance
  • Yes. We did not have classes.
  • Yes. They were different as we worked in groups and did not have to sit all the time
  • They were different. During the normal lessons we learn, but in these lessons we found out about Ladakhi people, we worked in groups and this is something we do not do during normal lessons.
  • They were looser, we learned about Ladakh in an entertaining way and by playing. In fact these were not classes.
  • Of course it is clear, that it is different. In the lessons about Ladakh we learn in a more entertaining way and we actually learn something. Other lessons are boring...And I also think that the lessons about Ladakh are more pleasant for everyone.

Mention three of the most important things that learned about India/Ladakh:

  • Buddhism, similar as in the Czech republic
  • The biggest railway is in Kashmir, women voting rights
  • It rains there, they are not as pro-civilisation orientated, they do well maybe
  • Women - voting rights
  • They are poor, they are many, floods
  • Many people, little money, catasprophes
  • They have computers, they had floods, they live in the mountains
  • They learn on the floor
  • They are from asia, they like cricket
  • They live very alike, buddhism, floods
  • They are poor, their houses are badly built
  • That more than a half of them do not know how to read nor write. The most favourite sport is cricket
  • The biggest railway network, 351 civilians per 1 km, the biggest market in the cable tv
  • Mobil phone, cars, magazines, newspapers
  • The way they live
  • They play cricket, many people are religious, almost all children have a dog
  • They play cricket, they live in the mountains, their pcs are better than ours
  • The way they live
  • They have fabia there, buddhism, they have girls there
  • They are quite poor, they belong to asia, it is warm there
  • Sports
  • It is quite a poor country
  • They are almost similar
  • Only a half of women there know how to read and write, an average life expectancy is 63 years, cricket
  • They are similar to us, their railway network is the vastest, cricket is the most favourite
  • The most favourite is cricket, they have magazines, that we had similar things in our collages
  • They have magazines, Dalajlahma, they are not that backward as I thought
  • The most favourite sport is cricket. They have had floods this year.
  • A mobile phone is important for them, also a car, the most favourite sport is cricket
  • It is a poor country

Write two of the most important things that you learned about ladakhi students from your partner school:

  • Their life is harder
  • They are likeable
  • They wear similar clothes as we do
  • They are religious
  • They speak the languages well
  • They understand
  • Many live in poverty
  • That they have to earn their own money to buy clothes etc.
  • They are happy, that they appreciate what they have got
  • They are not that different
  • That they have different skin colour, but they are not that different from us
  • They enjoy going to school
  • They are poor
  • They are not that stupid
  • They are funny
  • They are more humble
  • They respect adults
  • They respect teachers (adults in general)
  • They are a little bit backward
  • They are modest
  • They like the project - they are friendly
  • They are not that out of date as we thought
  • They are short
  • They know how to use the camera/camcorder
  • That they dealt with the floods well
  • In general, they have the same interests as we do
  • That they are not as different as I thought
  • They like cosmonauts
  • They like the family (a lot)
  • They spend more time with the family. It is important for them.
  • They like cars
  • They have magazines
  • They know how to do equally good collages or even better than we do
  • There are many of them
  • We should not underestimate them, how do they do
  • Nothing

Write one important thing that you learned about yourself:

  • I do not know
  • I am not bright
  • Do not be selfish
  • I speak english quite well
  • I am not humble
  • I enjoy talking about it
  • Nothing
  • That I do enjoy such a way of learning and such things in general very much
  • We must not judge before we learn something more about someone else
  • I do not recognize the person at first instance but after I get to know him/her more
  • I have started to think about the people differently. I do not judge the way they look, I wait how they are going to talk to me
  • That most of the time we judge people according the way they look and that is not always good
  • That we should not be judging things we know nothing about. Not even the people
  • I should not be judging things only according to colour
  • To work in a team
  • That I know how to work in a team
  • We do not as badly
  • I am proud that I am a student of this school
  • I have sorted what is the most important to me and what is not
  • That everybody is a somebody. Me to.

If you had the chance, what would you like to ask the students from your partner school?

  • How do they live? Fashion?
  • What are your favourite subjects?
  • Hello, how are you?
  • What sort of music do you listen to?
  • What do they do in their free time?
  • Whether they would like to live in the Czech republic?
  • Whether they would like to visit the Czech republic?
  • How do they like it in the Czech republic?
  • How are they?
  • What have they learned about us (the Czech republic)? What do they think about us?
  • Are they normal?
  • Do you know Ashley Tisdale?
  • How many siblings do you have?
  • What sports do they like? Subjects?
  • What do they do in their free time?
  • What do they like? How do they learn at school?
  • Whether they enjoy going to school?
  • What do they need mobile phones for, if they do not have the network?
  • How are they called?
  • What would they like to be in the future?
  • What pets do you have?
  • Whether they enjoy it?
  • How and where do they live?
  • How does their day go?
  • Are you happy that you can go to school and learn?
  • Whether they have earthquakes there?
  • Whether they are happy that they live in India, and how do they cope with natural catasptrophes?
  • Whether they enjoy it? Whether they did what we did?
  • Seriously, do you like cosmonauts?
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